HCSS - Maintenance Request Redesign

A lightweight mobile web application that allows any employee at construction sites to quickly log maintenance requests for their equipment.
Due to a non-disclosure agreement, I am unable to publicly discuss this project any further than the information provided and I am also unable to provide further visual design work, at this moment.

UX Design intern at HCSS



Google Docs and Sheets


February 2019 - March 2019



Internal Research

UI Design


Some early ideations
It doesn't look great, does it?
Prototype Overview
Showcases the screen design and the interactions between each screen.
Problem Statement
Update the old interface and replace with modern designs and new brand colors and reduce the clutter in the existing UI of the app.

Identify and fix any workflow issues, eliminate any unnecessary functionalities and improve the efficiency of the app, while also finding opportunities to add new functionality.

It was also the first project that was assigned to me and the designers wanted to see how I handle the project.
I successfully completed my first design project as an intern and handed over my prototype files to the developer. Everyone was satisfied with my results. The development was finished after I left the company so unfortunately I do not have any data.

I learned about conducting my own design reviews with the stakeholders and the UX team. The key stakeholders were the Software Trainer Product Manager, the Lead Developer, and the QA Lead. I prepared the meeting agenda, set actionable goals, prepared the questions I had for the stakeholders and made sure I came out of the meeting with next steps.

I relied on internal research so my stakeholders were my subject matter experts and were available to answer all my questions.

My design skills improved significantly due to my pair design sessions with my senior designer Anik, such as wireframing, grouping and naming elements, and designing components.