Closing down Figma Houston?

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and are staying safe.

2020 started off well for Figma Houston. We kicked off with our Getting a Job in User Experience event at Improving back in January. We were even community partners for the Design for Houston 2020 event. Things were looking up for us.

But then COVID happened and everything kind of came to a stand still. Other UX communities in Houston were able to put out a lot of amazing events and I cannot imagine how hard it must have been. Kudos to y'all.

For me it was somewhat complicated. It became increasingly difficult to plan topics for future events, while also trying to get a job myself. Working on a resume, doing portfolio reviews to understand how to improve, attending mentorship sessions, you know how it goes. I was already doing that since beginning of January but with COVID, future opportunities started going away.

Meetup fees were also a lot considering we are not even meeting in-person, and that it not REALLY provide a lot of useful features. I even thought about keeping Figma Houston going through Slack, but that also proved difficult.

This is not to say Figma Houston is going away forever. Maybe temporarily. When things get better for me, I plan to move this to Eventbrite and see how that goes. I hope to meet everyone once again.