Hello! I am Nabil

I majored in Computer Science and have a minor in Mathematics from the University of Houston. I am originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh and moved to Houston in 2013. I recently became a US citizen.

I try to spend most of my time going to UX design meetups and meeting new people. When I am not doing that, I am usually playing on my Nintendo Switch, watching anime, or spend my time learning and practising photography.
My UX Journey
Co-founding a tech startup
While I was in college completing my Computer Science program, I co-founded a tech startup with a few others. It was called Shoot and we designed, built, and launched a marketplace website that people could use to book photographers.
My first internship
In February 2019 I got my first UX Design internship. I learned how people design in the real world by working on complex projects and working with stakeholders to learn more about design and the users.

Yes, I am camera shy.
Creating a design community
The idea for Figma Houston was born out of love for the design tool Figma and the opportunity to do something more for the designers in Houston.

Since our inception in October 2019, we have had four events. We were the only design group to host an event focusing on hiring in UX called "Getting a job in UX".

I invited a UX recruiter to help designers understand how to navigate the current market and how to stand out among hundreds of applicants.
Attending my first hackathon
I took part in the design hackathon! It was the Design For Houston 2020 and our task was to find solutions to reduce traffic accident deaths in Houston.

We had access to Subject Matter Experts from the Houston Mayor's office and various other individuals who are currently trying to make our streets safer.

Figma Houston was also community partners with DT&I for the design hackathon.
Currently: Building #NoCode apps
I am building an app on Glide that allows my fellow Bengalis in Houston to find restaurants, groceries, and services that they need.

Talking to a lot of Bengalis, I noticed they have special skills and offer amazing services. At the same time, new Bengalis moving to Houston are unaware of these individuals.

Since there is no directory, I decided to start making one in the hopes of connecting them. The end goal is to expand beyond Houston and work with different people in different cities.